Alice Strang Website Launch

I am delighted to launch the website in order to spread my passion for modern and contemporary art.

Alice Strang, Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018, photo by Roberto Ricciuti

For some time I have enjoyed posting a work a day from UK public collections on twitter and instagram. The work is chosen in response to current affairs and with a positive outlook.

I try to share my curatorial expertise with my followers via images and information which are accessible, relevant and entertaining. Since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the UK, I have written a curatorial blog, addressing the developing situation in a way which I hope introduces some beauty and humour into daily life.

I believe that everyone can enjoy, learn from and be inspired by modern and contemporary art! 

My thanks are due to Mike Dunkling of Zatheo for helping me to set up this site, as well as to Andy Catlin and Roberto Ricciuti for the use of their photos.



  1. Moira MacDonald
    10 May 2020 / 7:38 pm

    Thank you for allowing the viewing of these exquisite paintings which until now were unknown to me. I have had an unexpected glimpse into another world of past painters, a delightful activity not usual in the present circumstances. I appreciate very much this enriching pleasure.

    • 10 May 2020 / 8:07 pm

      Moira, what a lovely comment, thank you. I am delighted that you enjoyed the blog, Alice

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