Modern Scottish Art Treasures in Greenock

One of my favourite galleries is McLean Museum and Art Gallery, which is part of the Watt Institution in Greenock. They have a splendid collection of Modern Scottish art and during lockdown I had the pleasure of writing a Fine Art Blog about it for them.

William Gillies (1898-1973), Still Life, Doyley, c.1948
McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock (c) Royal Scottish Academy

I decided to focus on modern Scottish still-life painting, which is a particularly rich seam within Scottish art history. I looked at works by Mary Armour (1902-2000), William Gillies (1898-1973) as above, the Scottish Colourist S. J. Peploe (1871-1935) and George Telfer Bear (1876-1973).

If you’re interested in Peploe, I wrote about him for the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle and the feature ‘The Success Story of a Scottish Colourist‘ for Art UK.

The Watt Institution, which consists of the McLean Museum and Art Gallery, the Watt Library and Inverclyde Archives, has re-opened. You can visit on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 2pm. It will be well worth the trip!

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