Scottish Women Artists in Glasgow

I look forward to talking about Scottish women artists when I give my lecture ‘The First Women of the Royal Scottish Academy‘ to members of GAFAS, the Glasgow Antiques and Fine Arts Society, on 15 December 2021.

Anne Redpath (1895-1965), The Chapel of St Jean, Tréboul, c.1956
Royal Scottish Academy Diploma Collection Deposit 1956 © The Artist’s Estate

The First Women of the Royal Scottish Academy

The lecture is about the female pioneers of Scotland’s longest running artist-led institution. The Academy was founded in Edinburgh in 1826. In 1911 it moved to what is now known as the Royal Scottish Academy Building on The Mound, where many of its activities are still based. I will discuss the Scottish women artists who were the first to be elected to its various ranks of membership, from Honorary to Architect, as well as the first female Senior Office Bearer and President.

These important Scottish women artists include the painters Anne Redpath (1895-1965) and Joyce W. Cairns (b.1947). Redpath presented her work The Chapel of St Jean, Tréboul of c.1956 (seen above) to the Academy when she became a member, whilst Cairns is its current President. These women trailblazers provide an access point to Scotland’s rich art history, as well as insight into its illustrious art world.

Screenshot of the Glasgow Antiques and Fine Art Society website

Glasgow Antiques and Fine Art Society

GAFAS was founded in 1972 and is an independent arts organisation. Its members meet regularly, latterly on-line but COVID-19 permitting in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. Lecturers from all over the United Kingdom are invited to talk about antiques and visual art. An Annual Outing to a place of artistic importance is also arranged. New members are welcome and can apply via this link. Details of my talk and the rest of the excellent 2021-22 programme can be found here. I hope you will join me to celebrate Scottish women artists and the first women of the Royal Scottish Academy!

You can read about four of the Academy’s female pioneers in this blog. I will be part of a panel discussion with Joyce W. Cairns at the Beyond Borders Festival on 28 August 2021, information about which can be found here. Those with an interest in Scottish Women Artists might enjoy my ‘Women at Work‘ feature.

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