Scottish Women Can Paint Event

Please join me at the Beyond Borders Festival ‘Against All Odds: Scottish Women Can Paint’ event on Saturday 28 August 2021.

Joyce W. Cairns (b.1947), Polish Journey, 1998
Diploma Work, Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture Collection (c) The Artist

I shall be part of a panel discussion chaired by award-winning broadcaster Edi Stark, alongside the leading artist Joyce W. Cairns, Andrew Brown of 369 Gallery and Callum Stark. We will be ‘unravelling the journey of Scottish women artists in the 20th¬†and 21st¬†centuries’ in an event sponsored by Creative Scotland. An accompanying exhibition can be seen in Traquair House, the Beyond Borders Festival venue and Scotland’s oldest inhabited house. This will leave you in no doubt that Scottish women can paint!

For further information and to book tickets please follow this link.

For more about Joyce W. Cairns, please see this feature about her being the first female President of the Royal Scottish Academy. You can also access a ten-minute talk I gave about Modern Scottish Women Artists via this feature.

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