The Beautiful Tulip

Tulips have provided inspiration to many artists, despite the fact that they continue to grow after being cut. This means that as models they do not ‘sit still’ and need to be observed, sketched and… View Post

The Studio at 32 York Place

Whilst scrolling through the colour and noise of Instagram, a low-toned Mother and Son portrait slowed my finger to a stop. Taken by the photographer David Eustace it showed Elizabeth and Guy Peploe, daughter-in-law and… View Post

Modern Scottish Art Treasures in Greenock

One of my favourite galleries is McLean Museum and Art Gallery, which is part of the Watt Institution in Greenock. They have a splendid collection of Modern Scottish art and during lockdown I had the… View Post

The Success Story of a Scottish Colourist

I’m delighted that my feature ‘Samuel John Peploe: The Success Story of a Scottish Colourist’ is now live on the Art UK website. Read about Samuel John Peploe (1871-1935) including his training in Edinburgh and… View Post